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Sunday, 07 January 2018

Stockbridge All Clubs Day (September 18, 2011)

The Stockbridge "All Clubs Day" was held on Sunday September 18.  This was my first year attending and it was a wonderful afternoon.  After picking up 3 other riders in Lennon our group continued down M-52 to Stockbridge, MI.  The Village of Stockbridge was founded in 1835 and incorporated in 1889 and is located about half way between Lansing and Ann Arbor.  The All Clubs day brings together a wide array of vintage motorcycles that are displayed around the village square.  Below are a few photos of the afternoon.

The group posing for a photo on Main Street
A couple of great old Harley's
And an Indian

And a few Honda's
or two
an HRO Comet
This is that I need to move traffic in rush hour
We even took a side trip to Hell (Michigan that is)



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