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Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Devils Triangle Ride 2018 (August 26, 2018)

This 44 mile loop includes TN 62, TN 116 and TN 330. The western most fun begins at Brushy Mountain Penitentiary (now closed) and continues northeasterly for 3.5 miles. The tight twisties are as good as the Tail of the Dragon but there are even more dangers here; deep rock strewn gullies just off the pavement, ragged steel guard rails, steep drop offs and rock cliffs leave no room for error. The middle 14 miles are fairly tame with rural houses and driveways along the entire way.

The next 5 miles on TN 116  you'll find a little bit of everything; sweepers, tight twisties and three of the tightest/steepest switchbacks we have ever encountered. This is the main reason riders are advised to take the loop in a clockwise direction. These switchbacks are much easier to tackle in the downhill direction.

On the first night at our campsite a local Tennessee resident suggested we try a local road call TN 116 on our motorsicles. So after some searching, we found the TN 116 was one part of a triangle of roads called the "Devils Triangle". So Sunday morning we mounted the bikes and headed west to TN 62. We decided to ride the route clockwise at the advice of the Devil's web site as it was easier to handle the series of switchbacks downhill. This was the first time with my wife on board the Goldwing on such technical roads, so this seemed best direction to take. The road lived up to it's name and TN 116 is one road you have to take if you are in the Knoxville area.


Map of the Devil's Triangle
My wife and I taking a rest.
Our riding partners, Rich and Darci.
Checking out the old store, too bad it was closed that day.
Some of the 108 degree switchbacks
The haunted section of the triangle.



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