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Sunday, 07 January 2018

Yaesu FTM-10R Radio installation

For the last several years I have been looking for some sort of all-in-one AM/FM radio and intercom system.  Up to this point the choices have been limited.  Recently Yaesu Electronics introduced a dual band (VHF/UHF) amateur radio that has an AM/FM, MP3 input, rider-to-passenger intercom and PA.  Since I am a licensed Amateur radio operator, this looked to be the perfect choice.  The system consists of two pieces, the radio body and a control head.  The control head can control all aspects of the radio functions.  Below are photos of the install process.

Radio body and Control Head 
Rear view showing antenna connection on left, passenger headset connection (top right) and speaker and MP3 connections below.
The radio control head is mounted to the handle bars using a Yaesu MMB-M11 bracket.  Using the supplied short cable and a RJ45 double female coupler, the head can be easily removed and stored. 

Note: An RJ45 dust plug is used to protect contacts on the coupler when the head unit is not attached.  A female cap is used to protect the plug on the radio head when stored to prevent the plastic clip from being broken off.
A straight through CAT5 network cable is used to connect the radio to the coupler.
The radio is mounted inside the right side of the Hondaline fairing.  A piece of Styrofoam was placed at the bottom of the fairing to allow for the radio to sit flat and take the weight of the radio off the mount.   
The radio was mounted vertically to the fairing using the two mounting holes in the radio and supplied screws using a rubber washer, metal washer and lock nut on the outside.
A hole was drilled in the side of the fairing for the installation of the cables.
A plastic insert and cap (the type used in running cables through a desk top) was installed and the cables are run through to provide all weather protection.
The antenna system consists of a Diamond SG7500 144/440 MHz antenna and a Diamond K540M luggage rack mount.  The mount bracket is fabricated from 1/8" x 3" aluminum.

The CB antenna was moved back and mounted on the trunk frame using the same K540 mount.
The power cable for the radio is run directly to the battery. (bottom left of the photo).
Sound for the radio is supplied by a set of Radio Shack speakers mount in the cockpit area of the fairing.
Connection for the MP3 player is provided by a homemade extension cable run from the radio to the inside of the left fairing pocket.  A 3.5mm stereo connecting cable is used between the jack and the MP3 player.
Now it's wait for the Headset adapters, or possible the Bluetooth system.  But for now I can use the weatherproof hand mic.
UPDATE (11/19/07)
The headset adapters have arrived and the circuit design has been completed to work with my MotoComm headset.  Here is the schematic used to adapt the Yaesu CT-M11 cable to the MotoComm/Kenwood adapter cable.

(Thanks to Bob Rogers, N8FAU for the circuit design)
Wiring Diagram for new radio and APRS/GPS system



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