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Sunday, 07 January 2018


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Updated Workstation 1 and 2 to Windows 10 Home October 2015.

Build out of a new Dell GX280 desktop computer for the Ham Shack.

Adding a second hard drive, sound card, video card and serial card to handle my ham radio connections.











The computer network now consists of two HP Pavilion Desktop computers, two laptop computers, a netbook and 2 servers. It includes 2 network hubs/switches, and 2 print servers operating 4 printers.  Network Internet connectivity is handled by a DLink Broadband Wireless Router and cable modem. 


Computers and Accessories

Communications / Internet

Primary Network Internet Connection:

  • D-Link DIR-600 4 port Wireless Ethernet Broadband Router
  • D-Link DWL-650+ Wireless Adapter
  • Cable Modem @ 40 MBps

Fax/Modem Cards:

  • Intel 144e, 14.4 external Fax/Modem (Server 1)


What's New

4/10/17 - New Lenovo IdeaPad 110 laptop computer

03/05/16 - New Dell S2316M 23" HD LED Monitors

10/27/15 - Upgraded HP Pavilion computers to Windows 10 Home

1/12/15 - New HP OfficeJet Pro 6810 4-n-1 printer

11/18/14 - New HP Pavilion 500-281 desktop computers (2)

03/03/12 - New Dell Optiplex 320 Server to replace old Server 2

08/03/11 - New Dell desktop added to the Ham Station

08/01/11 - New Gateway Netbook added to my computers

11/19/10 - New Dell notebook added to my computers



About Me

As an A+ Certified computer technician I have have hand my hand in computers for over 20 years.  Although I don't do much repair anymore, I still keep up on new technology with my own home network.


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