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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

1982 Silverwing GL500 Interstate
(Vin No:  JH2PC0216CM111068)
Color: Candy Burgundy Muse Red
Miles when purchased: 10,063

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( photo taken when purchased 4/26/01)
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The bike was purchased from a man in Hemlock, Mi who had bought it for his wife from a woman in Detroit.  Un-able to ride it due to an illness, the bike sat in storage for 2 years.  When I bought it, it had 10,063 miles on it and was in excellent condition.  The bike was recommended by a friend who also owns an '82 Silverwing. 

  • For communications a new Yaesu FTM-10R dual band amateur radio with AM/FM, Weather, Intercom and PA will take the place of the retired MotoComm AudioBoss AB-1m and Koss MS503 AM/FM/CD radios.  This system will still use the Realistic speakers, MotoComm MC-753 helmet headsets in my my HJC SyMax II, and FG-23 helmets to supply rider-to-rider communications.  A new Sandisk Sansa E250 2GB Digital Multimedia MP3 player will also play through this new radio. (photos)
  • A new addition is the APRS tracking system.  Using a GPS and a Byonics Micro-Trak RTG tracker/transmitter, my travels can be tracked on the Internet in real time.  Use this web site to follow my travels.
  • The Midland 75-822 Handheld CB w/weather band mounted using a R-A-M handlebar mount can still be used for CB communications.  The CB uses a Firestik E30-NGP antenna.
  • And since I am a techie, I added a Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS - now I can't get lost, or at least have more fun in doing so.
  • A video or still camera can be mounted to the left side of the handle bars using a camera platform and a R-A-M handlebar mount.  This is nice for recording scenic tours or light parades. 
  • A set of custom made 35 watt driving lights from "The Electrical Connection" and a battery monitor from Kuryakyn was added to monitor the electrical system and add additional illumination at night.
  • A HJC-2002 Security System was added for just that piece of mind.
  • Other accessories, parts and clothing were purchased from JC Whitney, CycleGadgets, WingThings and Utopia Products.
  • The bike was fitted with accent lighting Lazer LED's and Glowire by and Boogey Lights, TireFlies and LED-on by for light parades.

  • For communication a MotoComm AudioBoss AB-1m and MotoComm MC-753 helmet headsets was added to my HJC SyMax and FG-23 helmets to supply rider-to-rider communications.
  • I also added a Koss MS503 AM/FM/CD and a set of Realistic speakers to the bike for a little entertainment for those long rides.
    Well since the CD would not play in a vertical position, I added a Dell MP3 player w/remote.  The system plays through the MotoComm AudioBoss to the headsets.  Now I have several hours of music for when the FM radio is not enough.
  • MotoComm DSR-1003G Helmet Cam and Digital Recording System


Item GL500 (est. $2900 new) GL 500 Interstate (est. $3900 new)
Dimensions Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
Wheel base
Seat height
Foot peg height
Ground clearance
2,207 mm (86.9 in)
875 mm (34.4 in)
1,178 mm (46.4 in)
1,495 mm (58.8 in)
788 mm (31.0 in)
322 mm (12.7 in)
152 mm (6.0 in)
2,305 mm (90.7 in)
875 mm (34.4 in)
1,504 mm (59.2 in)
1,495 mm (58.8 in)
778 mm (30.6 in)
315 mm (12.4 in)
148 mm (5.8 in)
Weight Dry weight
Curb weight (Wet)
Load Capacity
207 kg (456 lbs.)
224 kg (494 lbs.)
436 lbs.
230 kg (507 lbs.)
247 kg (547 lbs.)
383 lbs.
Engine Engine type
Cylinder arrangement
Engine weight
Bore and stroke
Compression ratio
Cylinder compression
Valve Train
Spark plug - standard
     - for extended high speed riding
Spark plug gap
Idle speed
Water cooled, 4 stroke O.H.V. engine
Opposed V-twin
65.0 kg (143.3 lbs.)
78 X 52 mm (3.071 X 2.047 in)
497 cm3 (30.3 cu-in), 50HP
10.0 : 1
1,200 kPa (12.0 kg/cm2 , 171 psi)
Chain driven camshaft and push rod
X24ESR-U (ND) or DR8ES-L (NGK)
X27ESR-U (ND) or DR8ES (NGK)
.06-.07mm (0.024-0.027in)
1,100+/- 100 rpm
(2) 34mm Keihin CV
Tests Standing 1/4 mile:
Top Gear acceleration:

Braking Distance:
14.64 sec. @ 85.55 mph
40-60 mph .......7.7 sec.
60-80 mph .......11.4 sec.
from 30 mph .......35 ft
from 60 mph .......140 ft
Capacities Oil capacity

Oil type
Final drive gear oil
Fuel capacity - total
Fuel capacity - reserve
Cooling system capacity
3.6 lit (3.8 US qt, 3.1 Imp qt) after disassembly
2.5 lit (2.6 US qt) after draining
SAE 10W-40 SE, Honda 4-stroke oil or equivalent
170cc (5.7oz US)
17.6 liters (4.6 U.S. gal, 3.9 Imp. gal)
2.5 liters (0.7 U.S. gal, 0.5 Imp. gal)
1.8 lit (1.9 US qt)
Electrical Battery
12V-14AH (Yuasa -YB14L-A2)
A.C. generator 252 W/5,000 rpm
Head Light: 12V-55/60W H4 bulb
Turn signal: 1034 (running and blink)
Driving lights: 35 watt H3 halogen (wedge base)
Gauge lights: #57
Tail/brake light: 1157 (switched to LED)
Turn signal: 1073
Running light: sealed lamp
Tire Size Front (current equipment) 40 psi
Back (current equipment) 40 psi

Front (original equipment)
Back (original equipment)
MM90-19 Tubeless (Dunlop Elite 3 Bias)
MT90B16 Tubeless (Dunlop Elite 3 Bias)
100-90-19 Tubeless (Dunlop F11)
130/90-16 67S Tubeless (Dunlop K627 Qualifier)
Fuse   1A, 2A, 5A, and 10A
30A (main fuse)
Paint Color Fairing, Trunk, Fuel Tank, Saddle bags, Side Panels
Primary Color: Candy Burgundy Muse Red 
Factory Code: R104CU 
Color Rite Top: 2105
Color Rite Base: 1040


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